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Published on August 28th, 2016 | by makesupply


Exploration Series: Designing and Laser Cutting A Leather Wallet

Just a heads up this is NOT a tutorial video. It will touch on several aspects of template design, laser cutting, and leather wallet construction but nothing that is meant to teach a step by step process. With that said…

I’ve been planning on doing a fully laser cut wallet design for a little while now and decided to document the first run. Ive done several other laser cut leather items but this was the most involved and had the most layers. This video will show you how I modified a standard wallet template design to include stitching holes to cut and construct the wallet. I forego several standard leathercrafting methods in this video so if you are a leather purist this might hurt your soul to watch.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below!

— Table of Contents —

0:00 – 0:43 – Introduction
0:43 – 22:14 – Formatting the wallet design in Adobe Illustrator for processing on the laser software.
22:14 – 26:48 – Laser cutting the leather wallet design
26:48 – 30:21 – Stitching and finishing up the wallet

Here are a couple photos of the finished wallet

Laser Cut Leather Wallet

Laser Cut Leather Wallet

Laser Cut Leather Wallet

Laser Cut Leather Wallet

Laser Cut Leather Wallet

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