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Our Statement of Intent

First and foremost welcome to Makesupply.

As it goes for self-taught individuals in any industry, your education is only as good as your reference material and desire to improve. Reference material comes in many mediums and as practitioners of a centuries old trade we are used to the analog. As this analog information on techniques and methods has been ported to the internet it has been mostly relegated to its particular sub-genre. For example: traditional American saddlery style Leathercraft, Japanese style Leathercraft, and European style Leathercraft all have their own little pockets on the internet. These are great resources when you have a genre specific question but can fall short with more general inquires.

We believe that there is a new standard of modern Leathercraft developing which pulls inspiration from all of these sub-genres and makes it something new. The pairing of techniques from one style, materials from another style, and tools from yet another all combined cannot be pigeon-holed to one genre. As hobbyists (or even professionals) many of us will never saddle a horse but understand which leather tannage and hide sections would be used.

Now having said that we hope to offer tutorials (beginner to advanced), in-depth technique analysis, craftsman interviews, industry news, workshop inspiration, and more. Most leather blogs cater to the end consumer advertising the shiny, finished product. We are catering specifically to the craftsman and the development process.

This blog will be a perpetual work in progress and your input is much appreciated. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please e-mail us: info{at}makesupply{dot}com.

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