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Published on July 14th, 2015 | by makesupply


Making A Leather Card Holder (Free PDF Template)

In this video tutorial we will be making a one slot leather card holder. This tutorial will assume you have some basic previous experience in leatherworking. You will also learn why I hate oil tanned leather and Elmers Pro-Bond Glue! Leave any additional questions below in the comments section.

Be sure to download the card holder template to print out and follow along!

Usage Note: You are free to use this card holder design to create and even sell the end product. However, you cannot re-distribute this template in any form without our consent.

Need help with stitching? Check out our saddle stitch tutorial.

Inventory of Tools used in this tutorial:

We are still learning how to “do video” so please forgive any weird picture quality or transitions. Technology is hard.

2 Responses to Making A Leather Card Holder (Free PDF Template)

  1. T.C. says:

    I like that you put a video out to help people – kudos to you, but it was very remedial and even a novice could have cut two pieces of leather and put them together without a video.
    The most trouble newbie’s have with making card wallets is the sewing which you showed off camera. If you are going to do a tutorial, show EVERYTHING!
    That water and beeswax on oil tan, yeah I agree that won’t help much, but if you are shooting a help video, use the techniques that works for you, not just tell the viewer what may or may not work, and definitely don’t show them a iffy technique. (In other words don’t half ass it!)
    One last thing, yes the Maine .40 waxed thread I think was too thick, maybe try their .35 or even the .30. waxed thread, They are great, maybe even the .8mm Tiger thread would have looked better.
    Just another man’s 2 cents.

    • makesupply says:

      Feedback noted! Using that leather really threw me off because like you said, I couldnt use the techniques I normally would and show them on the camera. I will be doing full stitching in the next videos.

      Im sometimes a sucker for the thicker thread look but I need to pair it with a larger SPI in the next videos. Im trying to keep the beginner tutorials to thread that is cheaper and more easily accessible. I like Tiger thread but its more of a pain to get (if here in the US). There are a couple new retailers but the selection as far as sizes and colors just isnt there yet for me. I go for the Fil Au Chinois when I want to hurt my bank account on thread haha.

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