Reviews Avancorpo Single Horse Fronts Leather

Published on August 21st, 2017 | by makesupply


Leather Review: Avancorpo (Horse Fronts) from

In this video we do a review of some ‘Crust’ Avancorpo single horse fronts leather from Below the embedded video is more details on how you can buy your own Avancorpo from them.

As discussed in the video here are the takeaway points when ordering this leather


  • 100% natural vegetable tanned horse leather
  • Can be used for dyeing, tooling, or embossing
  • Treated with oils and greases
  • Will age and patina beautifully
  • 1.1-1.4 mm / 3-4oz weight
  • Shaved and finely finished flesh side
  • Medium-soft temper with good firmness.


The thickess of our hide measured at 1.3mm evenly all around the hide.

How To Order

You can purchase this leather and several other varieties (like italian shell cordovan) from


Italian Avancorpo Leather Hide

Avancorpo Horse Leather Card Holder

Burnished Edge Avancorpo

Slim Card Holder Avancorpo

Horse Leather Card Holder

Avancorpo Crimson Pricking Irons

Burnished Edge Avancorpo

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